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Creating Your Media Campaign - Radio & TV Advertising

Reach out to your target audience with media buying assistance from Buckeye Media Services. We work with you to determine the appropriate campaign for radio, TV, print, or the Web. Media marketing helps you position products and services in front of the right client based upon market research for your targeted demographics. BMS works with every client in planning for the most cost effective, strategic media buy to help you accomplish your marketing and advertising objectives. We follow a simple 7 step process of media buying which serves as a road map for success with proper planning, execution, media mix for said budget, research, negotiations and proper tracking systems. We do all of this for you and educate you on the art of media buying throughout the process.

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BMS Media Buying Process

1. Media and marketing consultation to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Throughout this process we will identify your client profile, targeted demographics and appropriate marketing and advertising strategies.

2. Extensive research for your targeted demographics; looking at buying habits, life styles, media habits (where do they spend their time and money?).

3. Establishing your marketing objectives; branding, sales, market share.

4. Define your branding, advertising and media buying strategies; branding & advertising messages, budgets, media mix, and execution.

5. Negotiate on your behalf with media outlets to maximize frequency and reach within set budget to accomplish established objectives for the campaign.

6. Execute media campaign with maximum exposure for set budget while boosting ROI through added value elements (special event marketing, promotions, website links, bonus commercial schedules).

7. Evaluate marketing & advertising campaign, media strategies and adjust accordingly.


Creating your Campaign

Based on your product and targeted demographic, we do a market analysis for your business, product, or service. This allows us to focus in on the best outlets to advertise your business. We establish the campaign and the frequency of commercials, handling promotions and monitoring the activity throughout the life of the campaign. Affidavits and proof of performance reports are provided for all spots that were scheduled to air at the completion of each commercial flight.

Analysis for Success

At the beginning and end of each campaign, we run analysis to determine how well the commercial campaign performed and if we need to make adjustments to improve our position and stay on point with ROI projections.

How Much Will It Cost?

Media Buys vary by season, size of market, commercial frequency and desired reach for targeted audience. Based upon allocated budget we take a mathematical approach to developing a media mix by calculating effective CPP (Cost Per Thousand), estimated conversion rates, break even percentages, effective DMA (Designated Marketing Area), GRPs (Gross Rating Points), reach and frequency. A campaign can be customized to fit any budget but the important thing is that you have a consistent presence in the market to secure market share within your industry.